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Better than E-mail Marketing?

The average open rate for e-mails is approximately 20%. But, guess what? There's something that's even more effective by about 4.5x! Does this tingle your curiosity? Well... The answer's below!

So, you own a business. What goals do you have for it? Some have great plans for its future - Earn the first million, open 15 outlets, or even expand overseas. Or just being sustainable is good enough for some! But... how does one achieve any of these? It all boils down to one simple factor. Having a consistent stream of customers helps any business get closer to their goals. BUT, getting returning customers is a tough matter for businesses. To have a loyal following, communications is vital for customer retention.

A common way to engage your customers is by reaching out to them - Via e-mail. Just use yourself as an example, do you open every promotional email that is sent to you? I can bet that the answer is a big resounding NO!

You're lying if you say you read every single e-mail sent to you!

Or engaging customers through social media! Isn't social media the hype nowadays? Social media is just littered with all these businesses trying to gain traction but just failing to keep them hooked after 1 visit! Think salted egg, rainbow cheese toast, and anything "instagrammable" - Pretty aesthetics capture the crowd, but will they go back again?

The frustration in trying to use social media to reach your customers...

What if I tell you that there’s another more effective way of reaching out to your customers? Sending SMSes. When 90% of SMS are read within the first 3 minutes, it’s really difficult to say that SMS as a marketing tool is ineffective. Of course, looking at stats only isn’t everything. Don’t just jump into something because it works for someone else!

Advocado helps to increase the competitive edge & level the playing ground for SMEs when put up against bigger multi-chain competitors!

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As with all marketing tactics, tracking, testing and analysis is required to ensure effectiveness. Metrics are data that enables you to track specific aspects of your operations. There are so many metrics to track, but the key is to know which is important. E.g. Open rate, click-through rate, clicks per link, conversions rate etc.

For those that do not wish to invest so much time into tracking all these, SMS broadcasts is perfect! If you want your message to be seen by the highest percentage of your customers, choosing SMS would be your best bet. It's simple - Short & sweet, and gets the message across.

What Advocado offers

SMS Broadcast Feature:
A simple and easy method to connect with your customers in a click of a button! Sending mass customised SMSes to your customers - Quick to set up and brings in results fast.

Words from our merchants

With little to some Internet presence in the digital age today, how does one reach out to customers? Other than depending on purely word-of-mouth and walk-ins, using Advocado's SMS Broadcast is the next fastest way to do that. Don't forget that communications is important in customer retention!

Here's a short testimonial from a few of our merchants who have had fantastic results:

The Collector

"To reach out to our customers, we regularly use Advocado's SMS Broadcast to send SMSes to inform them of our new products, discounts and promotion. And the spike in customer traffic to our store is well worth the cost of the broadcast.

Our day's sales increased by more than 30% on the day after the broadcast as compared to a regular day when we have not sent any SMS Broadcast!"

Time to watch your money grow! 🤑

Pore Therapy

“I found the SMS Broadcast extremely easy to use. I was even able to customise my target audience if I wanted to. Sending the SMS Broadcast through Advocado is so convenient and affordable.

Very quickly, I started receiving phone calls enquiring about the promotion from my customers! Some of my customers even brought their friends to enjoy the promotion as well.”
Clear-cut, and reaches your customers in seconds.

House of Traditional Javanese Massage
When the promotion is sooo effective that you don't even need to spend extra efforts in other marketing channels 😎✨

Stay on top of your game by being able to inform customers of new promotions, respond to competitors' promotions immediately, or special events of the day! It's a no-brainer.

With Advocado’s SMS Broadcast feature, merchants that partner with us have an additional way of retaining and attracting customers - Think cost-effectiveness & high returns in investment!

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