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Entrepreneurship - The Journey

We all know how winning awards can be a joyful occasion! The photos, videos and memories - But how many see the hard work behind the journey to winning an award?

Recently, Advocado's Founder & CEO, Eric Chia, was invited to the prestigious Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards, held at Marina Bay Sands, where he received a well-deserved honour!


Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award

Organised by Enterprise Asia, the region’s leading non-governmental organisation for entrepreneurship, the APEA provides a real platform for companies and governments to recognise and be recognised for entrepreneurial excellence, hence spurring greater innovation, fair practices and growth in entrepreneurship.

Over 1200 top business leaders and entrepreneurs have been awarded the prestigious Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards since 2007 in Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore, Hong Kong, India and China.

Did you know that nomination for the awards is by-invitation only? Each nominee is subjected to a rigorous judging process, including financial verification by an appointed audit firm and mandatory physical site audit and interview, culminating in a confidential balloting process by Enterprise Asia’s committee.

Past APEA winners include Mr Kwek Leng Beng, Executive Chairman of Hong Leong Group, Dr Terence O’Çonnor, Group CEO of Courts Asia Ltd, Mr Albert Phuay, Founder & Chairman of Excelpoint Technology Ltd, and many more.


Eric with his award - We're so proud of you!

Among 60 over nominations in 24 industries, only 10 made it past the strict judging process. And Advocado's Founder & CEO, Eric Chia, was the Entrepreneur of the Year in the Telecommunications & ICT industry!

Only one winner will be accorded the Entrepreneur of the Year award for each industry, in each country. The Entrepreneur of the Year award recipient is an individual who has shown exceptional performance in the communication of his/her visions, brands, and strategies and sets a remarkable standard within the industry.

Aren't stories of entrepreneurs always fascinating to read about? To find out more about their journey, what motivated them, what led them to where they are right now... Everybody's stories are unique! Here's the full story of Advocado's Founder & CEO, Eric Chia.

Entrepreneurship has always been Eric's true calling. From when he was a university student, till now - He has always been familiar with navigating new terrains & making it his second home.

Past experiences & skills picked up motivates entrepreneurs to start their own business, and investing their own money with the risk of failure. Most start-ups seek fundings and grants to have that extra edge against other competitors. HOWEVER, Advocado, now 2 years old, is fully bootstrapped! Now that's a feat that not many has accomplished.

The 2017 Economist Intelligence Unit's Connecting Commerce report saw Singapore faring most poorly in innovation and entrepreneurship, where it ranked 21st, and in people and skills, where it ranked 18th. (Straits Times)

Well, Advocado is in 6 cities now, and is slowly conquering the SEA region. What can I say - One word, impressive.

Now, successful entrepreneurs wouldn't be where they are right now without other competent partners - As Eric attributes his success to his dear co-founder, Joval Gan. Not forgetting the team at Advocado of course, much love to them 😘!

Highlights of the Awards

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