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Technology, interesting isn't it?

Advocado is proud to announce exciting changes that will change the face of loyalty. Introducing Advocado's Premier Partnership with technology powerhouse Samsung & Integration of Microsoft Azure's cognitive services, Facial Recognition!

Why should you care?

We all know or have heard of data breaches before. Just recently, Singapore had the worst cyber attack where personal particulars of 1.5 million patients were stolen. Even Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong was not spared!

Through this partnership, Advocado is taking measures to ensure our data is secure on all fronts. From software to hardware to cloud security.

Samsung Knox is a leading mobile security solution built into all Galaxy devices. It protects your business and personal privacy by providing a secure environment for your corporate data and apps.

An in-depth explanation of Samsung Knox

Things like information stealing or hacked data? Say goodbye to your worries! Your Samsung Galaxy device will be as safe as possible.

Now, Advocado's merchants will have double the protection - Our cloud servers ensure that data will not be lost, & Samsung Knox increases the security and lowers the chances of data being hacked.

Food Services Transformation Conference

On 31st August 2018, Samsung, one of the industry partners, and Advocado will be at the Food Services Transformation Conference (FSTC) 2018.

A national plan, the Food Services Industry Transformation Map (ITM), was launched in 2016 by the government to spur more innovation among companies as the industry works towards achieving an annual productivity gain of 2% without any increase in manpower over the next five years.

A short video about the Food Services Industry Transformation Map

FSTC 2018 aims to serve as a platform to share best practices in the food services sector focusing on the following areas:

1. Leveraging on automation & technology to enhance productivity
2. Adoption of Digitalisation in F&B operations
3. Introduction of manpower lean formats
4. Job/work redesign

FSTC 2018 also offers an exciting line-up of technology specially curated to allow participants to gain insights on upcoming trends and to embrace transformation through the adoption of technology.

Holding a vital role in the event, Advocado offers its usuals (Think loyalty!), with the added seamless configuration of Samsung devices to troubled business owners. Together with Samsung Knox, Advocado covers ALL aspects so merchants can focus on the ONE thing - More $$$!

Next up, Advocado will be showcasing something amazing as well. So, brace yourself!!!

For the very first time, Advocado will be unveiling its pilot project with Microsoft Azure's cognitive services - Facial Recognition to transform businesses & redefine operational excellence for merchants and consumers.

15 seconds of enrolling your customers? Make that 6 seconds! 🤣

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