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Cash Is No Longer King ๐Ÿ‘‘

It's the norm nowadays to make cashless payments at the cashier, isn't it? Visa, Paywave, Master, NETS - All these are common words heard at the cashier!

If you're living in Singapore, you should be familiar with NETS! But did you know that NETS stands for "Network for Electronic Transfers"?

"Your world of cashless payments for everyday life and business"

Let me ask you a question: Are you confident to go cashless for an entire day in Singapore?

According to Visa's Rise of the Digitally Engaged Consumer 2017 report, 68% of Singaporeans are! And what about going cashless for 3 days? Still, 42% of Singaporeans are willing to do so.

Towards a cashless society

Singapore might be just a little red dot, but getting everyone to be accustomed to cashless payments is a long journey. After all, it is common that there will be select groups (e.g. less tech savvy people) that are resistant to change.

Well, the first step is always the hardest!

Introducing the integration of NETSPay with Advocado:

Our CRO showcasing how NETSPay works on the Advocado platform to an interested business owner.

NETSPay is a mobile application which allows you to make digital payments via DBS, POSB, OCBC and UOB NETS Bank Cards.

Now, the one common thing that businesses want: MORE REVENUE. They just want to see immediate results! Unfortunately, a lot of businesses do not see the big picture.

Make it easy for you & your business! Advocado brings consumer engagement together with ease of use (convenience), while saving time and ensuring consumers come back again and again.

Consumers can now directly make payment via scanning the dynamic QR code with compatible apps. And merchants can enjoy consumer stickiness to their brand which offers a seamless experience! Forget cards or cash, all we need is our phone!

  • A dynamic QR code removes the need for consumers to key in anything - All the information is already in the QR code!


Compatible apps where NETSPay is available to use

Benefits of QR-based payments:

  1. Faster transactions
  2. Ease of use, leading to convenience
  3. Time saved
  4. Less hassle for both ends


NETS x Advocado - Onwards to driving a cashless future for Singapore, and the SEA region!

Want to know how Advocado can help your business achieve greater heights? Then contact us for a consultation with our loyalty experts here! Let us convince you.