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Not a Cookie-Cutter!

Definition of cookie-cutter: Used for describing people, things, or ideas that are exactly the same as others and not at all original

& the perfect term to describe Advocado: Not a cookie-cutter

I’m sure you have a few loyalty cards or apps within your grasp now. Isn’t it such a bother? I myself abhor having them in my wallet! And I toss them in the trash instead. Download apps just to enjoy some loyalty perks? Count me out!

Something interesting I found while reading up on loyalty programs: The first known use of loyalty programs was in 1793; Copper tokens were issued which could be used to redeem products for future purchases. Moving on, card-based loyalty programs gained a rise in popularity in the 1990’s till today. And now, imagine a world where you don’t need any cards or apps to access your loyalty benefits… How convenient would that be!

Oh. Wait, that’s happening right now!

Advocado is a multi award-winning cloud loyalty CRM system designed for businesses of any size. With ONLY a customer’s mobile number, he/she will be instantly enrolled in your loyalty program!


Convenient & quick, isn’t it? Advocado aims to be the bridge to convey ease for processes to both customers and business owners. And empower businesses to generate additional cashflow and strengthen customer relations.

The differentiating factor is how much Advocado can offer to businesses (Hence, not a cookie cutter!) Okay, here it is…


Don’t be overwhelmed! These are the available loyalty campaigns that Advocado offer. After seeing this, you might be wondering:

Why does a business even need so many loyalty campaigns?!?

Here at Advocado, we work with businesses from various industries, so we’re one step ahead! Cafes, beauty salons, fashion retail or even car servicing, there are loyalty campaigns that are most suitable for each industry. What’s best? The loyalty campaigns are customisable, so, mix & match - it’s all up to you!

And the next best thing - From several weeks to start your loyalty program VS Getting started in just ONE DAY (tried & tested!) with Advocado if you're ready! Bid goodbye to all the fuss and time wasted in setting up your loyalty system! Effective, efficient, simple and fast.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to switch up your campaigns should you see that results are not desirable! Don't worry, Advocado has a team of professional loyalty consultants to provide their expertise.

What’s more, you won’t need to switch your CRM system & waste precious $$$. For example, from stamp cards to membership cards. Can you imagine the amount of paper & plastic wastage? Hello, it’s the 21st century! It’s time to go green & digital - Start doing more with less & yet, still bring in more revenue for your business.

We weren’t kidding when we said car servicing earlier on!

Most businesses don’t believe in loyalty & CRM systems, but just do yourself a favour and read on!

What’s the point of having a loyalty CRM system?

Did you know that attracting new customers is 7x more expensive than it is to retain customers? A good CRM system allows a business to retain its customers (That just means more $$$ for your business!).

Statistics have shown that a company’s top 10% of their customers (i.e. repeat customers) spends 3x more per transaction than the other 90%! AND… they shop more often - each repeat visit increases the likelihood of them returning. There’s more than enough stats to bore you so, let’s not go there!

Having a loyalty & CRM system is the smart way to do business. Just look at big coffee chains like Starbucks & Coffee Bean! They’re doing amazingly well despite having so many competitors. From initial loyalty programs of paper cards, to plastic cards, and finally, to apps - They have grown a loyal base of customers that will always choose them, no matter what.

Photo credits to Rebecca Aldama

Case studies on these companies have shown that such loyalty programs do work. But how does one achieve such success? It has to do with the way businesses run their loyalty programs; Some do it so wrong, and when they fail, they lose faith in loyalty programs. Don't be that one business that ends up wasting even more money on loyalty programs that are not done properly!

Advocado, your comprehensive loyalty program that caters to your businesses' needs - Whatever customers that you bring in, Advocado helps to capture and "brainwash" them to be loyal to you! AND… the most important one that reigns above all.. $$$. Get that ka-ching into your bank!

psst: This isn't all that Advocado offers - Stay tuned to find out more about how Advocado can create opportunities for a business to retain regulars & bring in new streams of customers!

Check out our YouTube channel for video testimonials from our happy merchants! Seeing is believing. Hit us up for a consultation with our loyalty experts here.