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Ways to promote your loyalty program

Yay! Congratulations on adopting a loyalty program for your business. You're one step closer to generating more revenue with increased customer retention!

One common reason that loyalty programs fail is because businesses do not feel that it's important. But since your business already started using one, why not make the best out of it by fully investing your resources in it?

In order to use your loyalty program as part of your marketing strategy and as a way to retain customers, you gotta promote it!

First of all, the most important thing to do is to maximise the returns of your loyalty program by getting customers on board!

1. Train your employees

The easiest way to enroll customers is via your employees who interact daily with them. Educating your employees is one of the keys to success!

Ensuring that your employees know the details of your loyalty program allows them to effectively engage customers. Why this is important - The more customers that are on your loyalty program increases the footfall and profits your business will receive.

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2. Offer incentives for every signup

Everybody loves free things and they wouldn't mind sharing a good deal with their friends and family! Offering incentives is one of the best way to entice customers to join your loyalty program.


Rocky Master's way to enticing customers to join their loyalty program

3. Advertise your loyalty program

There are several different methods of advertising it - In-store, Website and Social Media.

Seen from popular Korean food chain, Yoogane.

When you have a reminder of your loyalty program on every table, it simplifies the process of the staff enrolling the customer.

People often search the Internet for things like operating hours, location and menu. So it makes sense to put up information on your loyalty program on your website as well!

Not forgetting whichever social media platforms you're on! The social media age is now, and you'll be missing out on it if you don't get started now.

4. Make sure the signup process is easy!

When customers are able to signup quickly and easily, it'll increase the chances of the customer becoming a member for your business. With the fast-paced lifestyle, most customers do not have time, or do not bother with the membership process.

With Advocado, the signup process can be as quickly as under 15 seconds!

To enroll the customer, the customer only has to enter his/her mobile number. That's all! Simple, isn't it?

Want to know how Advocado can help your business achieve greater heights? Then contact us for a consultation with our loyalty experts here! Let us convince you.