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Introducing Diana Ong of Soap Ministry - A strong advocate for natural and DIY products and also a driven individual. And to top all that off, she’s a successful entrepreneur of her own. She exudes enthusiasm and dedication, an admirable woman indeed!

I always found it intriguing to talk to people, to get to know more about them in-depth. Who are they really? There’s always something that you can learn just by speaking with someone. After all, everybody is unique with different interests and personalities.

So, throwing the question: “Tell us more about yourself” to the lovely owner of Soap Ministry, Diana Ong...

One thing you should know about me - I love travelling! It sparked my interest in reading up on DIY products and doing some hands-on. After all these travelling, I joined the cosmetics and skincare industry. And there goes 20 years of my youth... But, those years built my foundation & interest in skin care, natural products and essential oils.

Without prompting Diana to elaborate, she was already sharing passionately about what she believes in - Natural handmade soap, the core business of Soap Ministry.

Diana, on the left, promoting her soaps at FHA 2018. Thank you Diana for the love & support at our booth! ❤️

My second daughter had terribly severe eczema and I used organic products for her - but it wasn’t as effective.

So, I imported ingredients in and started producing my own. This improved her skin condition dramatically, which further strengthened my beliefs in natural and DIY products!

Speaking with Diana, I had an inkling that her motivation does not stem from her daughter alone. Curiosity took over and I asked - What was the reason behind starting Soap Ministry?

Most businesses simply want to earn huge & fast money at the expense of the ethics and quality of the products! However, I am more interested in educating and empowering people to be in control of whatever product and ingredient that goes on your skin.

Life with its ups and downs, isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. Depicted in the picture below, the road to success is rarely easy. As Murphy’s Law goes, “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” So, when things go awry, it’s of utmost importance to stay positive! As did Diana, when she encountered hiccups while running Soap Ministry.

When everything felt like it was weighing on just me alone, I felt isolated from the world. BUT, I am proud to say that I have a positive mindset! Family members and even my loyal staff played a huge part in supporting me as well. So I always count my blessings even during a low moment.

At the end of our conversation, Diana did a quick skin analysis for me. And dang, was she accurate in pinpointing my skincare problems and dishing out skincare tips! Her recommended soap for me — Aloe Vera Shea Goodness, improved my skin condition in just a few uses. We all know how effective aloe vera and shea buter can be on the skin! Guess you can call me a Soap Ministry fan from now on 😝

About Merchant

Soap Ministry is the brainchild of a company of friends who believe in the pure & wholesome goodness of all natural handmade soap that enriches your body, mind & soul. Soap Ministry aims to deliver the awareness of the goodness of handmade soap to each and every person and that it will not only benefit your body, mind and soul, it will also help save the earth.

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