How Linen Gallery increased marketing automation over 20 outlets in Singapore

Linen Gallery

How Linen Gallery has driven meaningful customer engagement and increased marketing automation over:
20 outlets

in Singapore.

About Linen Gallery

Linen Gallery is the go-to-brand for home & living needs. They have over 20 brick & mortar outlets that offer quality bedsheets, bolsters, pillows, mattress protector, pillow protector, home fragrance, tea pots and many other interesting products.

Advocado is extremely delighted in this journey with Linen Gallery. Find out how Advocado’s innovative technology is accelerating Linen Gallery’s Marketing.

At a glance, Linen Gallery:

  1. Built meaningful customer engagement and re-engagement

  2. Managed CRM across all outlets seamlessly

  3. Engaged the viewers of Facebook Live and bring physical footfall to outlets

  4. Achieved better Marketing Automation with birthday wishes to customers  

The Challenge

Happy Sentiments

“One of the biggest struggles that we face is the need to build up our first party data. We cannot just rely on our website. We have over 20 outlets, surely, we are able to engage these customers that come to our physical stores.

After thorough selection, we decided to work with Advocado because their system allowed us to do precisely that, and in fact we experienced so much more benefits than what we originally wanted. We are truly blessed and happy to have partnered with Advocado on this CRM journey.”

-Linen Gallery Marketing Team-

“We were looking for a unified system to grow our customer database, as well as to manage customer loyalty programs across 20 outlets. With Advocado, enrolling and rewarding our customers in real-time are a breeze.

Most importantly, we can now engage the viewers on our Facebook Live, coupled with the prowess of marketing automation, which brings them to our physical outlets. What we appreciate about Advocado is the ease of use and its ability to streamline our workflows. We would definitely recommend Advocado for any retail business.”
-Linen Gallery Marketing Team-

The Results

With Advocado, Linen Gallery has indeed grown their first party customer data, increased automation of their customer loyalty program, received more customer enrollments and additional revenue.

Linen Gallery is further able to engage customers via FB Live through QR Codes or One-Time Offer URLs, which have helped in generating footfall. The marketing team of Linen Gallery can now view a transparent sales dashboard that shows useful redemption metrics, which is accessible anytime and anywhere.

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